Stillness & The Fall

Being closer to nature always makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to experience it. After a few weeks of non-stop breaking news, I decided to stay away from Social Media and enjoy the present moment.

Part of it was because I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the news about the earthquake in Mexico, the hurricane in PR and the rest of it all. I needed a break and a mental reset from the internet.

Being able to spend time outside observing the movement of water, its stillness and yet tremendous potential to make us feel so vulnerable just blew my mind. I thought about the people affected by recent natural disasters and wondered: “Is it fair for me to be here, enjoying the outdoors while others have been left without a house or lost their loved ones? How am I supposed to feel about this?” But most importantly, being so far away from the people I love while witnessing all the pain and suffering happening in my hometown through my computer screen - It was rough. How could I give them the support they needed? How could I help more? 

What amazed me the most was that this disaster brought the best out of society. Thousands of people came out to help by sharing information, offering free food, free transportation, facilitating services and caring. This wasn't just Mexico, this was human race coming together. 


When major things happen in our lives, we discover how fragile we are and how strong we can be. We become more sensitive, perhaps less indifferent. We are just not the same. And that is what got me thinking about appreciating what is in front of my eyes and what’s not - Learning to be still and surrender. To give more and complain less. 

“What you need to know will be shown to you” - Think of it this way; Maybe you were not “directly affected” by a natural disaster but you definitely have role in this. Whether it is to give emotional support, donating to a cause, raising your voice, loving more, giving that person a call or being more grateful for the little things. Every act of love counts.

So if you've found yourself feeling depleted or overwhelmed, know that you’re not alone. Check-in with yourself and take time to unplug, go put your feet in the grass, close your eyes and take five deep, slow breaths. Appreciate yourself, the fact that you're alive. 

You are here for a number of reasons, if you woke up this morning it only means that your mission on this earth is not over yet.






Bertha ThomasComment