On self-love

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Would you consider self love a responsibility? 

Think about this: How do you want to show up? For your friends, for your loved ones, for your children. For yourself? 

We are role models and leaders in our society, in our circle of friends, in our families everyday - 

Whether we recognize ourselves as one or not. How did we learn to do that? Because we have observed people around us, those who have played an important role in our lives -  our teachers, caregivers, our parents, people we admire. They have taught us about why love is so important in our lives, we’ve seen it and we’ve felt it. We aspire to be loving and caring in order to be a better person. Because people expect that from us

But we are not loving creatures all the time, we get tired, angry and frustrated and that’s OK. It’s just part of who we are and we should learn to embrace it. Being able to accept those feelings is a sign of self-love. We can and should give ourselves a permission not to align with that pre-established “love baseline” 24/7. 

Real, deep, unconditional love is a compilation of behaviors, habits and standards - Things that we love and hate about ourselves, all come into the same package: Our wholeself.

I’ve learned that self- love has many implications - I also think it’s the way we react to things. With how much kindness, gentleness and forgiveness are we talking to ourselves? If we are able to do that for other people, we should be able to do that for ourselves. But it’s not always easy. Insecurities and self doubt get on the way. 

The truth is that self love is a constant and ever-evolving practice. it’s something you feel, cultivate, nurture and experience. Self love will invite and guide you to all the right places.

It all starts with self- acceptance. We are not perfect and we will never be. Embracing imperfection and learning to forgive ourselves for the “not so good” choices we’ve  made along the way  is an act of self love. Being ok with who the are and who we are not is the highest formo of integrity because we are honoring ourselves. 

Self-respect - Allow yourself the time to do it. Set boundaries: Where am I putting myself last? What am I tolerating that I don’t want to be?

Self-awareness - Starts with observation on ourselves / Make a list of things that you don’t love about yourself = The power of the pause, you are allowed to take a pause.

Self knowledge - Get to know yourself better: Who are you? What’s your truth? You are allowed to have standards. You are allowed to have your own story. You do not just have to accept what you’ve been given (What excites you? What doesn't ?) Life is cyclical, there are phases and stages. Feel free to change your mind “Less control, more magic”.

Self-trust: Allow other people to have their own experience = It will give you freedom. Stop trying to control everything. Everything you’ve ever needed has alway been inside of you. 

You deserve equal amount of attention, love and care than other people. 

This is a mantra I like to use whenever I get those feelings of uncertainty: “It is safe to be me. It is safe for me to be here. I am enough. I have enough. I do enough”

Have a wonderful day!