Thanks, 2016

Hilary Hyland Photography

Hilary Hyland Photography

For most of us 2016 was a challenging year, unexpected things happened and some others changed quite a bit. For me, it opened a window of opportunity for self-growth and much needed clarity. But, to be honest it's not always easy to look at the bright side of things, specially when we're constantly bombarded by social media, picture perfect posts and images that usually lead us to compare ourselves to others and start thinking that we are not enough or that we don't have enough. Sounds familiar? 

The good news is that there's a way to break the vicious cycle: Gratitude

Take a second and look around you, look at what you already have, the opportunities you have been given, picture the people you love, the new people that came into your life and changed it in a positive way. Does it feel any different? 

Taking time to appreciate those moments of joy helps us cherish our lives and it's a constant reminder that we are fortunate to be were we are right now. 

I wanted to start cultivating new habits this year so I started a Gratitude Jar 💛 . Nothing fancy, but I already started with the fist one and it does feel good to "collect" those moments that make life meaningful and joyful. What are you grateful for?

Here are some cute ideas if you want to start your own!